I work in a stoneware mid-fired to cone six, which is in excess of 2200˚ F. This vitrifies the clay, which means to fuse the clay to a point where it is no longer porus. This allows my work to be quite strong as well as frost-proof. I chose the clay and firing temperature specifically because I wanted most of my sculpture to be able to be left out in the garden year-round, if so desired. There are exceptions to this depending upon the specific glaze used and whether or not there is a spot which will collect water in the form.

I hand build all my pieces using mostly large coils, pressed flat as you can see in this image. To me, the feeling of the texture of the clay both visually as well as tactile is very important. I like to know the origin of the piece and see the hand of the maker in the clay. I also press slabs of clay into plaster molds to make my larger spheres. I then paddle them before I carve or apply clay to the forms.